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Inclusive by design, accessible by default

When we design for all, we open up what we create to more people with a wider range of abilities.

How can All Equal help?

Inclusion inspires innovation in how we live learn and work.

Accessibility Conformance

All Equal can analyse and evaluate your systems, services, and content using a range of methods aligned with national (DDA) and international standards (WCAG 2.2 and CRPD). We can then help you understand the results and devise a cost-effective strategy to ensure all of your audience can easily engage, understand and interact with your content and services. Why not expand your market reach and at the same time decrease your risk of complaints from the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

Keynote Address

To inspire and drive change, you need big ideas distilled into achievable strategies. Greg is a recognised thought leader on inclusive design and an accomplished keynote speaker. Greg has presented keynotes around the world including the: 17th World DeafBlind Conference, United Nations High-Level Conference on Disability, South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment Biannual Conference, and the Assistive Technology Industry Association, Florida.

Mentor and coaching

All Equal can work with you to build the capacity of your staff and institution to create barrier-free content, services, and environments. All Equal can do so in a variety of ways from, in-depth workshops to the team or individual mentoring and coaching.

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