Inclusive Design for iBooks Author

Inclusive Design for iBooks Author “In this book, I distill research based universal design principles and learning design strategies into clear and easy techniques to incorporate into your iBooks Author project. Implementing these proven principles and strategies can enable any learner without exception to personalise how they perceive, operate and understand your book. Inclusive Design is not about designing for specific needs but about considering the widest possible range of users. By designing your iBooks Author project for inclusion, you permit personalisation, create choice, build engagement and sustain learning. In other words, you design a better book that is more usable to a wider audience.”

Accessibility at Home

Accessibility at HomeAccessibility at Home  was written in conjunction with Jeanette Davies, Michael Harrison, Christopher Hills and David Woodbridge.
“Apple has made assistive technology mainstream through the designing in accessibility features as standard into all of its’ platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS). Now, through the development and integration of HomeKit into the core of these platforms the dream of a mainstream accessible house is a reality. HomeKit is Apple’s home automation platform for controlling smart home products with apps and Siri voice commands. By leveraging the inbuilt assistive technologies of Apples’ devices with off the shelf smart home products, people with a temporary, permanent or increasing disability are able and enabled to undertake every day activities in innovative ways. This book shares some examples of what is possible, which we hope sparks your interest and imagination about creating an accessible house. Many of the photos in this book come from a concept accessible house which was set up within the exhibition area of 2015 ‘NDIS New World Conference: Disability in the 21st Century.’ The concept provided an authentic context in which to experience the implementation of a smart accessible house.”

EPUB for Educators

Cover of EPUB for EducatorsEPUB for Educators is a primer for educators and education leaders wishing to understand the importance of the EPUB format in education. Topics include:

  1. 21st Century reading,
  2. Why PDFs are so last century!
  3. What actually is an EPUB?
  4. How to create, share and read EPUBs
  5. Simple inclusive design strategies.