Conditions of collaboration

4 people holding a quarter of a circular puzzle

An essential skill of modern work and learning environments is the need to collaborate. There are many conversation tools that enable collaboration, but what are the mindsets and behaviour that builds collaboration? Listed below are the essential qualities to build a collaborative culture. Share a common goal or purpose Communicate easily with common vocabulary Have ownership Have… Continue Reading Conditions of collaborationContinue Reading Conditions of collaboration

How to start collaborating among schools

The talk about modern literacies… about becoming a globally connected educator… and having your students collaborate with peers from around the world is great…. BUT how do you actually DO it? Let’s take a specific look at steps you can take to make it happen and look at plenty of examples of learning in and… Continue Reading How to start collaborating among schoolsContinue Reading How to start collaborating among schools

Understanding collaboration

More than ever, how we play, learn and work involves working with others to engage in meaningful productive activity. Collaboration enables us to share resources, ideas and perspectives, build consensus and achieve shared goals. As such it can increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative problem solving. Collaboration also allows us to… Continue Reading Understanding collaborationContinue Reading Understanding collaboration

Here’s to the crazy ones

This was a major advertising campaign for Apple late last century. It stands the test of time because it is a call to celebrate divergent thinkers and to be passionate about our creativity. These are traits we can all develop. As an educator it is the cornerstone of what we do. Here’s to the crazy… Continue Reading Here’s to the crazy onesContinue Reading Here’s to the crazy ones