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World Health Report on Disability

There has been a paradigm shift in approaches to disability. In recent decades the move has been away from a medical understanding towards a social understanding. Disability arises from the interaction between people with a health condition and their environment. CRPD reflects this emphasis on removing environmental barriers which prevent inclusion.

UN Report on Ageing

UN World Population Ageing Report 1950-2050

Currently, the growth rate of the older population (1.9 per cent) is significantly higher than that of the total population (1.2 per cent). In the near future, the difference between the two rates is expected to become even larger as the baby boom generation starts reaching older ages in several parts of the world. By 2025-2030, projections indicate that the population over 60 will be growing 3.5 times as rapidly as the total population (2.8 per cent compared to 0.8 per cent).