The power of captions

Videos can be a powerful medium by which to explain ideas and demonstrate concepts. Adding closed captions to the video ensures any user can perecive meaning from it. It also makes the video a more usable experience for all users as well as achieving compliance with both the Department of Premier and Cabinet circular C2012-08 and the Disability Standards for Education (2005). What are… Continue Reading The power of captionsContinue Reading The power of captions

Recommended iBooks

Supporting diverse learners The following books are available for free on the iBooks Store. Alchin, Greg: Inclusive Design for iBooks Author Davies, Jeanette: Dyslexia Davies, Jeanette: iPad Tips and Tricks  with a focus on accessibility Harrison, Michael: iHear Hills, Christopher and Perez, Luis: Handsfree Hills, Alchin, Harrison, Davies and Woodbridge  Accessibility at Home Perez, Luis: Apple… Continue Reading Recommended iBooksContinue Reading Recommended iBooks

iPad Model Classroom

iPad Model Classroom Book Cover

In this book Craig Smith, Aspect Practice Specialist with Autism Spectrum Australia (and Apple Distinguished Educator), takes readers on a journey through a week in an iPad Model Classroom. Each day of the week is abound with a showcase of innovative best practice ideas and learning activities to help educators creatively implement iPad in their classrooms.… Continue Reading iPad Model ClassroomContinue Reading iPad Model Classroom

An introduction into eBooks

In July 2010, ebook sales on Amazon surpassed hardcover book sales, and then six months later beat the paperback books sales rate. An Ebook is a generic term for any digital representation of a book. This  includes formats such as PDF, HTML, ASCII text, Word, DTB aongst others, as well as EPUB. An EPUB is… Continue Reading An introduction into eBooksContinue Reading An introduction into eBooks

Typographic design

There are many information design decisions that we make as part of the process of creating high quality learning resources. These range from selecting age appropriate content,  through to the structure of the information as well as graphical design issues. Many teachers wrongly apply paper-based design rules when designing digital resources.  This inadvertently causes barriers… Continue Reading Typographic designContinue Reading Typographic design

What can teachers learn from great marketing campaigns?

No matter what profession you are in, we can all benefit from fresh perspectives. Sometimes the best ideas comes from outside the profession or organisation as it creates a shift in our thinking about the situation or task.  So what can teachers  learn from great marketing campaigns? Not the dodgy cheap and nasty advertisements but… Continue Reading What can teachers learn from great marketing campaigns?Continue Reading What can teachers learn from great marketing campaigns?

ePub tools for iPads

There are a range of apps that enable learners to create and publish their own ePubs directly from their iPad. Here are some examples. Composer by Demibooks Book Creator for iPad by Red Jumper Studio Creative Book Builder by Tiger Ng dotEPUB is browser bookmarklet that allows learners to convert any webpage into an ePub. Case Study A look… Continue Reading ePub tools for iPadsContinue Reading ePub tools for iPads

Spotlight on Dr Luis Perez

Luis Perez

Dr Luis Perez is an educator, author, presenter and inclusive learning consultant with a passion for accessibility and universal design. Dr Perez is losing his sight due to retinitis pigmentosa. He is also a keen photographer. Dr Perez believes that ‘today is the best time in history to be blind.’ You can follow Luis on Twitter @_luisfperez…Continue Reading Spotlight on Dr Luis Perez

Consistent teacher judgement of learning materials

C0-authors: Greg Alchin & Lisa Tonkin Introduction The core quality benchmarks for any learning material is that all learners are able to use and engage with the material on the same basis from the start.  This involves curating or creating resources that all learners can perceive, understand, and utilise to accomplish their educational goals. This process is underpinned by… Continue Reading Consistent teacher judgement of learning materialsContinue Reading Consistent teacher judgement of learning materials

Digital style guide

All digital education content (created / curated) must comply with the Disability Standards for Education. To achieve this, it must be discoverable and usable from the start by any learner to enable them actively participate on the same basis on the device of their choice.  Creation / curation All content and systems must meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2 (WCAG 2)… Continue Reading Digital style guideContinue Reading Digital style guide

Conditions of collaboration

4 people holding a quarter of a circular puzzle

An essential skill of modern work and learning environments is the need to collaborate. There are many conversation tools that enable collaboration, but what are the mindsets and behaviour that builds collaboration? Listed below are the essential qualities to build a collaborative culture. Share a common goal or purpose Communicate easily with common vocabulary Have ownership Have… Continue Reading Conditions of collaborationContinue Reading Conditions of collaboration

Spotlight on Christopher Hills

Christopher Hills is an up and coming video editor who is not defined by his disability. Chris is an Apple Certified Pro Final Cut Pro X specialist and an Accessibility Ambassador. Chris calls himself a geek with cerebral palsy. He uses the inbuilt single switch access in his Mac Book Pro and iPad to run… Continue Reading Spotlight on Christopher HillsContinue Reading Spotlight on Christopher Hills

How to start collaborating among schools

The talk about modern literacies… about becoming a globally connected educator… and having your students collaborate with peers from around the world is great…. BUT how do you actually DO it? Let’s take a specific look at steps you can take to make it happen and look at plenty of examples of learning in and… Continue Reading How to start collaborating among schoolsContinue Reading How to start collaborating among schools

Understanding collaboration

More than ever, how we play, learn and work involves working with others to engage in meaningful productive activity. Collaboration enables us to share resources, ideas and perspectives, build consensus and achieve shared goals. As such it can increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative problem solving. Collaboration also allows us to… Continue Reading Understanding collaborationContinue Reading Understanding collaboration

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools

 to see the expanded list of Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools available. This certainly makes it easier for content creators and administrators to ensure that their These Web accessibility evaluation tools are software programs or online services that help determine if web content meets accessibility guidelines. Information about features of evaluation tools that help with evaluation is in… Continue Reading Web Accessibility Evaluation ToolsContinue Reading Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools