No matter what profession you are in, we can all benefit from fresh perspectives. Sometimes the best ideas comes from outside the profession or organisation as it creates a shift in our thinking about the situation or task.  So what can teachers  learn from great marketing campaigns? Not the dodgy cheap and nasty advertisements but the memorable ones that we can recall easily and stick with us. So….’c’mon aussie’..have a think about this and then..’you oughta be congratulated!’

Great marketing campaigns

  • Plan using good data
  • Know their audience
  • Clear aim to change how we think, feel or act
  • Use emotion
  • Understand the relative positive & negatives of the communication channels (video, print, radio)
  • Tightly focussed messaging
  • Tightly review the effectiveness of the campaign

Useful resources

NSWDEC Communication and Engagement Directorate have a great set of communication planning tools on the NSWDEC intranet that are worth examining and considering how you might repurpose those for classroom use.

Case study – Snickers

Below are two different Snickers Ads. One from Australia, the other international. It is interesting to see a common message presented across different contexts.



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