In July 2010, ebook sales on Amazon surpassed hardcover book sales, and then six months later beat the paperback books sales rate. An Ebook is a generic term for any digital representation of a book. This  includes formats such as PDF, HTML, ASCII text, Word, DTB aongst others, as well as EPUB. An EPUB is a file format for representing documents in digital form. EPUB is an open and evolving format defined by the Open eBook Forum of the International Digital Publishing Forum. Ebooks and in particular EPUBS are transforming reading patterns in the classroom.

Cross platform general lists of tools

  1. eBook authoring software – usually more flexible as they are designed to create ePubs
  2. eBook reading software – available for so many devices  / platforms. 
  3. eBook conversion software – reasonably flexible as they are designed to import you existing document and convert it into a ePub. 
  4. eBook Creation and Publications – A Pintrest collection.

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