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Free books

The following books are available for free on the iBooks Store.

  1. Alchin, Greg: Inclusive Design for iBooks Author
  2. Davies, Jeanette: Dyslexia: Supporting Students
  3. Davies, Jeanette: ‘iPad Tips & Tricks with a focus on accessibility V5
  4. Harrison, Michael: of ‘iHear: Accessibility features of iOS and teaching hearing impaired students’
  5. Hills, Christopher and Perez, Luis: Handsfree  Mastering Switch Control
  6. Hills, Alchin, Harrison, Davies and Woodbridge Accessibility at Home (Download via Dropbox)
  7. Meney, Laura: Warringa Park School – iPads Transforming Learning for Students with Additional Needs.
  8. Perez, Luis: Apple Watch – Tips and Tricks with a focus on accessibility
  9. Perez, Luis: Zoom In
  10. Smith, Craig: The iPad Model Classroom
  11. Smith, Craig: Minecraft In Your Classroom
  12. Smith, Craig: The Digital Organic – Using iPad in the Garden
  13. Woodbridge, David: ‘ iSee: All you need to know on getting started with Apple products from a blind perspective

Podcasts and Video Channels

iTunesU Courses

  1. Creating Inclusive Learning Environments. This course is a collection of resources aimed at supporting the educational community in the creation of learning environments that are accessible and inclusive of all learners. Original content and tutorials that support the use of accessibility tools and the concept of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) are available as well as inspirational stories that highlight the importance of material that is easily accessible to all learners. This course created by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) Greg Alchin, Luis Perez, Mark Coppin, Mark Dohn, Meg Wilson, Cherie Pickering, Madalaine Pugliese and Leslie Schecht.

  2. Explore Everything with Pokemon Go – shows how Pokemon Go can be harnessed in education and with individuals with autism

  3. Inside Out – Emotions iTunes U Course, it provides a series of student directed learning experiences that explore the emotional intelligence concepts present in the Pixar movie ‘Inside Out’.

  4. Apps for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders Educators and parents struggle to find appropriate apps to use for students with special needs. The purpose of this course is to assist in determining what app features to look for when selecting apps. This course explores how to select apps based on learning traits and styles of students, appropriate uses in education, App features to consider, and how this information can be utilized to select more appropriate apps for students with special needs.


  • ATMac Ricky Buchanan’s website where she writes about disability and assistive technology for Apple products such as Mac computers, iPods, and iPhones
  • iMore is a great resource on tutorial information on how to use many built in accessibility options.
  • The Surprised pessimist – In this blog, Garry Hills  shares his journey as a carer and introduce you to some of the startling developments in technology that have changed our lives.