“Just as we should not label people nor should we label technology including apps. Labels only limit a person’s perception of what is possible. As such, selecting apps is personal process. “

PLappDIt is about choosing apps that:

  • match your personal goals / purpose,
  • highlight your individual strengths,
  • scaffold your particular needs / challenges.
  • leverage the inbuilt accessibility options of your device.

APE-PortraitStep 1 – What are your needs?

Ask yourself, how will I…

  • Access Information
  • Process Meaning
  • Express Understanding

Cover of Jeanette Davies' bookStep 2 – Personalise your device settings

All modern devices have a range of features and settings that enable users to personalise how they engage and interact with it. Apple devices have the richest and most robust inbuilt accessibility options.

The best resource to learn how to use all of the inbuilt accessibility options, is to download Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), Jeanette Davies’ free book “iPad tips and tricks.” There are also a range of other free books by ADEs and accessibility ambassadors that go deeper into supporting specific learner needs and disabilities.

Step 3 – Have consistent criteria for selecting apps

  1. Use a consistent framework for assessing apps. (Apps Review framework V2)
  2. Can I personalise how the content is presented? (e.g.: works with VoiceOver)
  3. Can I personalise how the app operates?
  4. What features does the app have to help me understand?
  5. Can I easily recover from a mistake?
  6. Does the app allow me to share and collaborate?

Step 4 – Learn from education leaders

The Padagogy Wheel was originally originally, developed by Allan Carrington.  Allan’s transformational work provides a clear connection of theory, practice, and application. It is currently  published in 10 first languages with another 25 languages currently being translated. Allan’s work has inspired a range of teachers to create variations to support diverse learning needs:

Step 5 – Crowd source your app knowledge

These six links are my go to sites for new apps and reviews.

Apple's Apps store collection of special education apps

Understood. Bridging Apps Graphite