Ask yourself

  • Can all of your audience perceive, understand and use your content?
  • Does it comply with current disability legislation and international design standards?  
  • Does your team possess the knowledge, skills and time to create accessible and usable content?

A way forward

Inclusive content is more than just accessible content. It must be useful and engaging to all. Alchin Consulting can either train your staff to create accessible content OR you can outsource your accessible content requirements to us.  Formats include

  • Accessible Office documents (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel) documents
  • ePubs
  • Multitouch iBooks,
  • Podcasts
  • Videos (Captioned)
  • Webpages

Please note that we do not run PDF training as this format is not usable  and truly accessible in our mobile  centric world.

Your next step

Contact Greg to discuss how he can work with you to meet your accessible content needs.