An introduction into eBooks

In July 2010, ebook sales on Amazon surpassed hardcover book sales, and then six months later beat the paperback books sales rate. An Ebook is a generic term for any digital representation of a book. This  includes formats such as PDF, HTML, ASCII text, Word, DTB aongst others, as well as EPUB. An EPUB is… Continue Reading An introduction into eBooksContinue Reading An introduction into eBooks

ePub tools for iPads

There are a range of apps that enable learners to create and publish their own ePubs directly from their iPad. Here are some examples. Composer by Demibooks Book Creator for iPad by Red Jumper Studio Creative Book Builder by Tiger Ng dotEPUB is browser bookmarklet that allows learners to convert any webpage into an ePub. Case Study A look… Continue Reading ePub tools for iPadsContinue Reading ePub tools for iPads

Designing learning support into iBooks Author

At the core of Apple’s iOS are a wide array of accessibility options to enable users to personalise how they perceive content and interact with their devices.  The options are examples of universal design in action.  A universal design approach aims to create ‘products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest… Continue Reading Designing learning support into iBooks AuthorContinue Reading Designing learning support into iBooks Author